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4 February
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liberate yourself
abbie hoffman, abstract art, abstract thought, animal collective, animal rights, anti-razor, ara, aus rotten, b movies, bare feet, beat poetry, beer, bikes, bikini kill, billie holiday, bob dylan, bob marley, body modification, bohemian, bongs, bubbles, buddhism, cake, caustic christ, choking victim, civil rights, communal living, communism, cult films, curry, czech republic, devra, diet soda, drum circles, dumpster diving, dxm, farming, feminism, folk, foreign films, free palestine, french, ganja, garbage, gardening, good punk music, graffiti, grand buffet, grime, gwar, hairy cunts, hairy pits, herbs, hookahs, human rights, hunter s thompson, incense, incubus, indie, indk, ink, jean cocteau, johnny cash, juice fasting, leftover crack, liberation, love, lucid dreaming, marxism, mc chris, mice, mittens, modey lemon, montreal, natural, nature, neutral milk hotel, nicole blackman, nirvana, norml, operation ivy, organic, pabst blue ribbon, painting, peace, photography, pinups, pirates, pittsburgh, plants, plevin, poetry, positive body image, protests, radical, recycling, reggae, resistance, revolution, riot grrrls, saves the day, shamanism, ska, sketching, smoker, sociology, soy, squatting, srv, stenciling, sylvia plath, the adicts, the amish, the distillers, the mars volta, the misfits, the paris commune, the sex pistols, the smashing pumpkins, the stones, the streets, the unseen, the white stripes, tofu, tom petty, tool, trees, tripping, ufos, ukraine, utopia, vagina, vintage, warm weather, wimmins rights, wool, you and me, zombies